HTX Event: Techconnect

As a part of the week-long Hursley Technical Exchange, today saw the Techconnect event take place. This is an opportunity for people from across the whole lab to produce and present a set of posters on a particular piece of innovation they have been involved with.

I spent a couple of hours this lunchtime stood in the main hall of Hursley House presenting my poster on the “Scripting Tools for SAN Volume Controller” (gratuitous plug).

It was great to be able to talk to people from many areas of the lab that I wouldn’t have normal reason to speak with. It was also very interesting to see what else is going on within the lab at a very low level.

This type of internal promotion of innovation and idea sharing is a great example of how IBM engenders a culture of innovation and thought-leading with our customers – we have to be innovative inside, to be innovative outside.

2 thoughts on “HTX Event: Techconnect

  1. I was particularly interested in some of the Speech recognition and processing projects on display there, in particular Bin Jia had created a very nifty looking english/chinese language tutor program that performed real time translation from english to chinese and vice versa. I have to say my Chinese isn’t too hot 🙂 but it seemed pretty good to me. I discussed how you would switch in different language modules with him, I’m trying to learn Arabic at the moment so a tool like this would be great.

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