Content 2.0 at the RSA

I was at the Content 2.0 conference yesterday. The main topics of discussion were around user generated content. Some of the content moved a bit too much in to marketing for my interests, but overall it was a good event. As you’d expect there were a couple of notable bloggers there, including Hugh McLeod from Gaping Void, who talked about how blogs had impacted businesses he’s involved with.

Marc Canter talked about some ideas in his new social networking project, People Aggregator, about how social networks need to be more open and let the user’s control their own data. Bradley Horowitz gave a great talk on Flickr and how it’s philosophies were being adopted by the rest of Yahoo! All of the people writing on eightbar are happy Flickr users, so it was good to get a bit of an insight in to them.

I thought Jamie Kantrowitz (from MySpace) was great, mainly as it’s the first time I’ve heard someone mention The OC in a geek-centric environment. She came under a bit of attack for the way MySpace locks in their user’s data, but I thought she countered that well. I think MySpace targets a different market than a lot of the social networking sites. It was interesting how she talked about successful users on MySpace are those that improve a conversation, rather than simply disagreeing or agreeing.

Main themes of the day included: microformats, myware, attention data, implicit ratings, people-like-me, control and measurement. I think they recorded the event and podcasts of the content should be available soon.

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