OK So Second life is not a game, but you can do games in it

In talking about Second Life to people, and in particular the late night building sessions with new people coming along to my Hursley item all the time to ask how things are going, I realized that in all the protestations of ‘this is not a game it just look like one’ I was starting to get asked why it was not used for games too.

Well those of you have have experienced the mainland in Second Life will know games exists. There are casinos and gambling games to get your precious dollars from you virtual pockets. There are racing leagues and race tracks. Large scale quake style combat arenas.

My personal favourite though is “Les White” and his Sim invaders. A cabinet that looks like the real thing and rezzes the space invaders in 3d above the cabinet. There is something very circular about all that as back in my youth seeing space invaders got me into computers. I hope thats a virtuos circle not a vicious one!

Its a nice example of function in a box. Homebrew coding mixed with old school design, re-rendered for web3.0.
Game3.0 anyone?

Also check out Wagner James Au’s review of Russian Roulette sweeping SL

sim invaders by Les White

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3 thoughts on “OK So Second life is not a game, but you can do games in it

  1. Haven’t had chance to check out anything game-wise beyond the camping casinos, but I have tried sky-diving and sky-boarding 😀 I’ve done a bit of flying in helicopters and planes! Sim invaders looks quite cool, though.

    I keep meaning to take a look at some of the combat games that are on offer but RL keeps getting in the way 😛

    P.S. Isn’t it time you guys syndicated full feeds? 😉

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