Third Birthday Second Life Live Carnival

Last night Roo and I managed to both attend a carnival procession in Second Life. This was a celebration with floats (user created obviously) that drove past all the onlooking avatars. Aside from being very entertaining, creative and generally a good laugh, where else would you get a carnival to celebrate the birthday of an operating system/website?

It had many floats by many well known people in the metaverse. However one that got a lot of attention and a fair few photos was the Linden World float. It was a very particpatory event as the guys on the floats gave shouts out to the crowd, and vice versa. So Everyone felt noticed and involved.

It was also quite entertainng how some of the floats got stuck, just like in real life, and the lead float, a gient cake, disappeared into the distance. Well done all though, it was a blast.


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