Universal Rapper In SL and U2 as well

Chamillionaire has some representation in Second Life. The Universal Motown island (just search in SL to save me doing the SLURL, you cant miss it) has a soundstage gig area. Cham is apparently going to be doing a personal/virtual appearance at a gig tommorrow.

Rather cleverly there is a ticketing system, you go to the ticket office and answer a question about the real video.

Dire Lobo from InWorld studios was around when I popped in. You will notice I like to go to the places when they are empty before the event and see whats going on. It is interesting to feel the empty and then full atmosphere of a place.

Anyway they are doing lots of nice things, they have VIP booths, a stadium/set that I got to hang around on. They also have a light mixing desk so the event can be controlled in world. There are tshirts for sale and lots and lots of links to Amazon, ITunes etc to buy the album. Not to mention its streaming over the sim all the time too.

Another band, Hinder, is also represented in the area but the the primary event is tomorrows PA.

It will be good to see any machinima footage that comes out of this, and how the gig works. Now I just need to be able to answer that question. I have not seen the video for the song I was asked about. Primarily, and ironically because I always seem to be on SL or blogging about it!

Nyna Slate a long term resident of SL turned up, who works on some other very cool things, so I got to find out about U2 in SL.

More to follow….

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