U2 in SL, as it happens

The late night concert at the moment is “U2 in SL” They have real avatars with the real looks and the band are perfoming to a real U2 set of tracks. By enforcing a no prims(attachments) policy the perfomance of this island is manageing to hold 101 people. Which is very impressive.
The PA with the rapper Chamillionaire was good this evening, it was the real artist, talking and answering questions. However, a gig would have been better, except for his die hard fans.
U2 are a different league, albeit a tribute band. Seeing The Edge and Bono wander around the extended stage, posing and dancing in context with the music, surrounded by a mass of fans is great. It will only get better as the island servers and software get faster.
Of course a great benefit of it being virtual is that you dont have to be stuck at the back. Your avatar may well be behind someone tall, but you can move the camera yourself to get a great view.
Well done to Nyna Slate and all the crew.

Costume changes are also quicker than in real life

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2 thoughts on “U2 in SL, as it happens

  1. Great coverage of the events! Amazing stuff for a virtual world. To my knowledge it’s DarkDharma Daguerre and Demian Caldera who are the guys behind the U2 in SL project, and not Nyna Slate, who seems to own the area where the events take place.

  2. Apologies U2Fan. I had heard about it from Nyna, and she seemed to be in charge. I assumed the ‘creators’ were in character and not advertising who they were 🙂

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