Live and waiting for the gig

We are all starting to gather for the Universal gig for Chamillionaire. Its all very exciting, both technically and the fact it feel like a gig is about to start.

Mickey Curtis of Play.Fm is say right behind me, Nyna Slate who I met last night ( a very long term resident is also in the house, and Owner232 who last night was a new resident and has now got the hang of it all.

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8 thoughts on “Live and waiting for the gig

  1. Well it was less of a gig and more of a Personal Appearance. Chamillionaire was sat on a couch answering questions. I think I got kicked out when I stood up to leave. I had lots of lag as I put my full avatar kit on before I left the area completely.

  2. This one was about 50 people, but the U2 in SL gig peaked at 101. Because of the draw distance on the machine I was using the avatars were not appearing in some of the shots. If you panned the camera around or walked around you were in a very large crowd. Equally some of the shots I took whilst I was waiting, so people were arriving all the time.

    It was still lagging, but it actually felt ok. I am sure if I bought a new machine (mine is a couple of years old) I could increase the number of people you see in the screenshot.

  3. epredator, thanks for the stats — were those derived from data on the minimap, or a visual count of avatars present? I’m trying to get as accurate account as possible — and the U2 stats are a very useful comparison.

  4. Tony, the stats were a mixture. The Chamillionaire PA was a quick visual spin around every now and then. most people were sitting down.
    The U2 in SL was form the map, and the occasional shout out from the event organizers.
    It would be interesting to see if Linden have stats for the birthday celebrations. Some of those were getting quite busy.

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