The nicest place in Second Life

I toured around last night, whilst trying to remove the constant images in my head of tennis courts. I arrived at spaceport alpha. I have to say it is one of the best builds I have seen. It is a representation and history of space travel. I have visited kenneddy space centre in RL. This place has way more tings to look at :-). Accurate to scale builds of many types of rockets, shuttles etc. It also has some great museum articles and they also have a website. The whole place looked planned and thought about, had a key theme and a great ambience.
I had a good chat with Kat Lemiuex one of the museum staff/group that build and runs the place.
It was nice ot have that interaction too. Thanks Kat.
Well worth a visit by anyone interested in the educational aspects of SL and/or in anyway interested in space.

spaceport alpha

My snapzilla set of pictures from my visit are here that includes the SLURL

Now back to the tennis and

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  2. A further addendum to this I attended the SL webcast of the Shuttle launch (that was aborted). I had a good chat with some people about all sorts of projects and ideas.

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