A good indication that IBM understands Second Life

Over at 3D point, is a great article about IBM’s Linda Sanford at the Supernova conference. The principle being that there is an acknowledgement that leaders grow their skills and emerge from the ‘gaming’ platforms. Second Life of course not being a game, but it is a gaming engine.
It has been interesting for me to meet many other IBMers in virtual space. Who have the same outlook and views as I do, but all with different angles. We often communicate across the corporation, so lots of us know one another. However, using the internal blogs some wikis and Second Life with some of our social networking tools real communities form around good ideas.
I am proud that much of this is coming from Hursley, as well as IBM. Though I know it is an uphill struggle to convince everyone as it all looks like way too much fun to be real work.

Meanwhile today I am onsite at Wimbledon.org but Rob (who was at home) joined in with our excitement and then crushing defeat in the World Cup.

world cup

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