Hursley Bloggers Meetup

We had a bit of a Hursley bloggers meetup today. There’s now quite a few UK based IBMers blogging inside and outside the firewall. We’re lucky to have a good internal blogging setup and most of the people who now write publicly got to grips with the whole idea in the relative safe waters of the IBM intranet. One of the things we’ve all found from writing internally is that we’ve made a lot of new contacts that we wouldn’t otherwise have made. Apart from that, we talked about Singapore (which I think I should get Hannah to write about here), Blogher, Brian’s growing team and the excessive noise made by the Hursley Cha Bar drink making machines.

5 thoughts on “Hursley Bloggers Meetup

  1. Yay for meeting other IBM bloggers in person. It was odd shaking hands with Martin and Brian in person for the first time. You’re quite right about blogging leading to more contacts too. We all agreed that our networks have exploded thanks to big blue’s internal blogging infrastructure.

    I notice that the list of Hursley Bloggers over there in the sidebar has been growing quite quickly in the last few months.

  2. Nooo! It’s a conspiracy, you waited until I went on holiday, didn’t you? 🙂

    Blogger’s lunch at the clubhouse this Friday…

  3. The Dolphin….ah, that lovely choice of an eatery when you can’t think of anything better. Perhaps it has improved in the last 5 months?

    Looking forward to catching up with you guys again. Hope the sun is still shining.
    I’l send you some tales from Singapore…if you’re really that interested 🙂

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