Analyst Briefing

Having just got back from New York I came in to Hursley this morning wondering why everyone was looking a little smarter than usual. It turned out we were meant to wear “business casual” (whatever that may be) for an analyst briefing. Analyst briefing? Hmmm, that rings a bell…

Rod Smith did the keynote and then we were in groups of four to talk about customer projects. All of us in my group (Dave B, Graham B, Rob and myself) were suffering a little from jetlag so I hope we made sense. Still, it was good to see James there (I’m pretty sure visitors can get a guest ID for wireless in the house, so not sure why they didn’t sort one of those out for you, some live blogging would have been cool).

Sometimes with these things, I think it’d just be easier to talk about stuff we’re thinking about, rather than having a day long structure, but then maybe it’d be complete chaos. It’s also a shame Ian and Roo weren’t about to show some of the cool Second Life stuff they’ve done. Anyways, I think it was pretty useful for us to get some different perspectives on some of the projects we’re working on and hopefully the analysts got something out of it too.

4 thoughts on “Analyst Briefing

  1. Yes we were not there as we were in London talking to journalists and writers and TV and radio people about Virtual Worlds. I will write up a proper blog entry for it when we get done.
    Roo also had to dash off to Zurich to talk to some other people about all this wonderful stuff.

  2. Yep, Roo you need to work on the mechanical turk version of yourself. Just use some kind of dibert-style mashup to generate sentences involving words like:

    Multiverse, middleware, digital co-existance, secondwife, particle transported etc. 🙂 and everyone will be dead impressed and you’ll triple your PBC rating 🙂

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