Don’t forget to relax in Second Life as well as work

Well after the hectic coast to coast US trip, and coming back to some amazing pieces of news that seem to indicate that a lot more people in a lot more places are even more serious than we could have hoped for about this whole Second Life/Metaverse explosion, I finally get to write a blog entry on it all.
Its taken 9 months (or 5+ years depending what yI start counting), and there is a way to go but it is certainly is exciting times for the entire industry.
In all of this rush of potential, having bought 2 islands, planning things, seeing events, touring the SL world and blogging about it I had lost somewhere to retreat too. My public first land was a bit too small, and I am letting some friends us it as a sandpit.
I now rent a small plot from Jessica Qin on Austin island.
Its good to be the customer.
I had put a rather bad treehouse up, but tonight I started on my “organic art” project.
I decided not to terraform at all, but use what I had on my plot. So here is the start.
Its a start, going for curves and twists in prims, a nice simple pod to sit in.
Just blending in and chilling.
Next week it all gets hectic again. Off to London continuing the flow of the meetings in the US with as many of the key agencies and people in this whole new business, then lots more meetings RL and SL, calls, and somewhere in all that we get to build on our newest island (once the Alliance Navy have finished their training mission, as I lent it to them as part thanks for attending our 3d Jam )
Hi to everyone I/we met on the US trip. In keeping with the rules of customer confidentiality and business meetings not being blog fodder, it was great to meet you all, and great to meet lots of likeminded talented people.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t forget to relax in Second Life as well as work

  1. I’d suggest that some of the more important things to learn in SL will come not from playing with the scripting language or other tools, but from observing the people; including and especially those with absolutely no experience in *any* of this. It’s not the tools. It’s the people and the community now, imo.

  2. Yes csven the cultural aspects, the ethanographic implications are all part of what fascinates me about SL.
    Visiting events and meeting new groups, seeing how people react, both out in the general public, but also our eightbar group dynamic are all intriguing.
    We intend to write some of our findings and some of the research elements about this.
    I always tell all the new members of eightbar to go out and explore. As Sl is now the same size as Botson, thats a lot of ground to cover.

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