Sun are having a press conference in SL now too

As reported in a few places (but 3pointd is where I saw it) Sun is having a press conference in SL.
Its great to see some other major tech companies come into this space. We know there are a few of them out there in various shapes and sizes, its just we have been a bit more public as IBMers over the past year blogging and experimenting with what this all means. I thought we had done the first fortune 500 press conference, but I suppose we had a more direct one to one with each of the particpants over the 2 days, though the event we were showing was real SL interaction across the world.
This is a big area and there are a lot of avenues to pursue. The important point will be, as with the web, open standards.

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4 thoughts on “Sun are having a press conference in SL now too

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  2. There is a debate about the definition of a press conference? However, I think we can agree there is little debate about the feeling of being pipped at the post :o)

  3. I do totally agree 🙂 We do though seem to be thriving though on some coopetition. The ‘first’ is what spurs some people on.
    In a place of pioneers there is still some fun to be had in being the first. I think we also want to be the best though in the long run.

  4. Touche. The Sun Pavillion will be open to all after noon Pacific Time tomorrow. Come and have a look.

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