Reuters brings news from inside Second Life

As of today, ‘Adam Reuters’ (Adam Pasick) is Reuters embedded journalist in Second Life. Keeping regular office hours at the virtual Reuters building, Adam is their virtual bureau chief.

Reuters’ island, created by The Electric Sheep Company, is impressively realistic. Having been heavily influenced by their real-life presence in Times Square (NYC) and Canary Wharf (London), it’s great fun to spot the details from their real-world locations. There’s a news HUD (Heads Up Display)to take away too, which is really worth a play.

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3 thoughts on “Reuters brings news from inside Second Life

  1. The number of people friends new and old that have been buzzing around this build has been great today.
    We can obvioulsy have serious conversations, but also as its an open atrium building base jump down the inside to the lobby.
    That may sound a flippant thing to do on such a building, but it really is about navigation in 3d. Too many roof prims get in the way of being able to get where you want to go.

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