The Long Tail and Second Life

Last night Yossarian Seattle and I went along to the Globe Theatre build by MillionsofUs for a very interesting event.
MillionsOf Us are doing a lot of interesting things as you will have seen.
The event was an interview by Wagner Au with LongtailChris Anderson.
The pre-event gathering and chatting outside the globe was great and the audience was a veritable whos who of Second Lifers interested in this side of Second Life.
We all chatted before the event, everyone saying hi as one by one people teleported in. As I have written before these pre and post event gatherings are as important as the actual event.
pre event
We had all gathered about 30 mins before the event so there was a great deal of chatter.
We then all were ushered into the lovely build that is the globe theatre. Wagner and LongtailChris walked up and took their seat on the stage.
One of the nice things is whilst you take your seat you can still dash around moving the camera and taking snaps without distrubing the flow of the event.
Rodica Millionsofus was there to take and schedule the questions from the audience.
Wagner started the interview and Longtailchris did the elevator pitch for the concept of the long tail.
I had to laugh when Spin Martin said “So if the long tail book stays at the top of the charts for too long does the world implode” that was worth a L$25 positive rating point.
I also liked Spin’s group tag ‘Eric Rice aka’ Spin Martin.
Many of us ended up holding a virtual copy of the book by Falk Bergman. This book is cleverly able to be signed by the author as well as adding to the atmosphere of the event.
Several of us on the front row looked like right swots with our books out. As you can see with Yossarian here, its an effective look with a book.
yossarian swot
Once again I need to restate the point that the interactivity and the sense of being there generated by this sort of event is really engaging.
With the interviewer, interviewee and audience all aware of one another just like theatre.
Anyway, we tended to sit and listen and then let Rodica introduce our questions for us. Marshalling a crowd like this is an art form in itself, and we behaved well in general.
Given the timing of this in the UK it was toddler bathtime at about 7:30pm. So as the event wrapped up I was getting RL calls to come and help.
Its a bit strange shouting, hang on I am just going to get my book signed by Longtailchris.
However, given my wife is an economist, when she realized who it was and what the event was she was very interested and supportive, and I guess the PR and marketing works as she needs to read the book now. So its not just me who is susceptable to adverts in Second Life
Anway a great event, great to see everyone there, see you at the next one.
I am sorry I could not hang around and maybe go and see Versu in Second Life. It is a pity this real life shop window build was not a few weeks ago as I would have certainly made it along to there given I was in New York.

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  4. Ian,

    You will be happy to know we have Chris Anderson scheduled to be our keynote speaker at the IBM Rational Software Development Conference in Orlando in June

    Call for papers is open so maybe you can get justification to travel and a free conference pass by submiting a session to our Open Computing track on leveraging virtual social networking! Disney would be a great vaction for your wife and child ; – )

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