The Sony BMG media island, it is very good

A while back I had seen the Electric Sheep Media Island before it was branded to any particular media. It was at the time a huge build and one I often showed people to understand the scale and potential of SL.
Now it is the Sony BMG island, and there is a lot of content to see and experience. They have come up with some very nice ideas too.
A loft apartment and Club area
A Fan shop with tshirts, and singles to buy
A legacy area, which one of my favourite all time artists, the late great SRV, appeared as the first picture in the legacy building.
They have also created some very engaging artists rooms. From a single atrium you enter themed rooms for each of the very diverse performers. You get to listen to the track and/or sit and watch the video. It felt very good, Dna Prototype happened to be there at the time too, and it was great to be able to congratulate the crew on the build.
ben folds
Ben Folds
Cheyenne Kimball
and Cheyenne Kimball all under one roof.
Having popped into the night club and loft I also bumped into Ben Folds
Once its fully open I suggest you go and take a look.
Well done everyone and good luck with the event thats about to start.

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