Ben Folds in Second Life the Event

Well it all started on time, DNA Prototype took to the decks at the Aloft hotel party area.
The invited guests gathered, danced and talked whilst the music streamed in.
All Pictures from Snapzilla
I dont usually do nightclubs anymore, so it was good to let epredator potato throw some shapes.
A few of us synched with Satchmo Prototype, he had a dance machine installed in his head, so a simple click of the green noggin and away went your avatar dancing.
We had quite a range of invited guests at the event, some new faces and some of the usual crowd.
Algernon Spackler was there to, as was Juiceof Prunes, though strangely, and this is one to watch out for, JuiceOf just happened to be at the hotel when the event got locked down. So she was not on the group list but still had access to the island. It felt cool to have someone accidently gate crash. I am guessing the access control is checked on entry?
Anyway lots of people and of course a Smurf were there
Ben folds turned up, in SL and on an audio feed. He was clearly gobsmacked by the reaction of the crowd and both the craziness and immersion. There were a few technical hitches requiring text chat “is this thinng on”, but SnoopyB and some of the Sheep were in a RL office with Ben. This added a great deal to the dynamic, and these mixed mode events bring people together more.
They were clearly enjoying themselves too.
Ben played some music from his new album which sounded great, and answered some questions.
The crowd jostled for postion, but respected the stage.
ben f
ben folds
When asked about whether he was a Second Lifer Ben decided to show his technical prowess by playing some of the ringtones he had downloaded to his phone in RL.
This was hilarious and sort of set the tone (no pun intended) for the next part of the evening.
I did comment how ironic it was as when people who have not got the metaverse bug yet as “So why would anyone by virtual content” I usually use the “Why does anyone by a mobile phone ringtone”.
Anyway it was time to head over to the Sony BMG media Island for its first event. TPing a crowd over led to a little confusion but we all made it I think.
SnoopB and Ben had chairs on a stage, but the potential for amusing antics took hold and the party dynamic got a whole lot more interactive.
I think you can see from this product placement where this might then go.
Ben had his Duff beer attached, this eventually causes you to reel and fall over, in this case off the stage so it looked like crowd surfing. He is in this shot somewhere, I think he fell on Algernon.
Another person shouted that Ben had fallen on them and they would never wash this avatar again.
Next thing we know Ben has removed his shirt and dived into the audience with a lightsaber. I was laughing so much that I did not take any more pictures. Apart from Algernon decided to sit and watch from the stage. It was 3am UK time though.
Anyway, a successful and once again varied event. Another set of anecdotes to add to the “back in the early days of the metaverse” after dinner speaking material for when I retire.

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19 thoughts on “Ben Folds in Second Life the Event

  1. *jealous*
    I’m a big BF fan so I was gutted to miss out on this in the “ticket lottery”. It sounds like it was really good. I’ve seen Ben live in RL and he’s SO GOOD 🙂

  2. Linked to the .com, how nifty.
    Anywho, I was there, it roxed my sox, but just one thing. I LOVE RENT A COP!!! THE .ORG PUT ME UP TO IT!!!!!!!!
    Fun times, makes me want to forget my life and play this blasted gmae 24/7.

  3. That was the best SL event I’ve attended yet, and will probably be the gig of the year for me. It will be interesting to see if the other Sony artists get into it as much as Ben clearly did. Somehow I can’t imagine Christina stage-diving.

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  5. Thanks for touching my head! =P I didn’t stick around for the event since I wanted others to get the experience but I certainly had a lot of fun mingling and feeling the excitement during the DNA Prototype portion of the event.

  6. Yeah so i signed up to try to see this event, but i got stuck in the damn teen grid and could even get out!

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