Television comes to Second Life

Both the Electric Sheep Company and Rivers Run Red have made interesting noises about TV in Second Life recently.

The Sheep have an interesting project at the moment called Destroy Television (more details on 3pointD). I managed to get my moment of fame by making a banner and hanging around in front of the cameraperson for a while. That’s me in the Flickr stream…

It's me!

There are limited details so far about Rivers Run Red’s project, so I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

4 thoughts on “Television comes to Second Life

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  2. Television would have to be pretty darned compelling to get me to consider it viable in SecondLife. Reinventing my television programming could be done by stoned monkeys; it brings to mind the Pink Floyd lyric.

    So the real test will be what the programming will be.

    If they start showing reality shows in SecondLife, are they ‘Virtual Reality Shows’?

  3. I’ve been having problems subscribing to this feed. It lets me subscribe and it loads in the rss reader program I use (which is netnewswire for mac) but it’s not showing new posts. A few duplicates too. Am I using the wrong url perhaps?

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