Weather Visualization in Second Life

I was really happy to see Aimee Weber’s post on 3d Weather Visualization over on the Second Life Herald.
Partly becuase people kept asking me if I could do rain clouds over the Wimbledon build instead of my single line of text, and partly because real data and pushing that into Second Life is the main reason I and my eightbar collegues started in Second Life.
The principle of using Second Life as a Situational Application (or in web 2.0 parlance a Mashup) builder seemed obvious to me and it is good to see these builds appearing. Ok so its only a mashup if it is next door to another data driven application. But as we know with SL its very easy to rez two builds together.
By combining the tech feeds with Aimee’s talent for building has created something way more engaging.
We do off course need a UK one as we are the most obsessed about weather, then I can rez a working tennis court next door to one and have a full mashplication working.

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