Its Halloween so it would be mad not to have a party

Well done to our IBM Virtual Universe Community on arranging another great event. This time the halloween helpfest.
It is great to have a theme, and one so well suited to Second Life.
Lots of people have been showing up in all sorts of cool costumes with gadgets galore.
The pictures explain it a lot more, but it was great seeing Judge work the crowd into a frenzy of pumpkin building, whilst the rest of us went around showing off
Whilst the subject matter is fun, the reasons are serious, as a social networking and learning experience it has grown our community a bit more, and let people gte more up to speed on what can be done. It would be very unlikely to get all those people in the same physical space for a 30-60 minute gathering.
No avatars were harmed during the course of this party.

I was very much enjoying my new AFK animation, involving the gallows from “Sick-N-Wrong” (just search in world you cant miss them and my blood gushing from Nicka whippet

Someone got killed

With this crowd who knows who did it !

Lots more pictures on including these on snapzilla

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3 thoughts on “Its Halloween so it would be mad not to have a party

  1. I would have loved to come but
    (a) it was at 11pm
    (b) I couldn’t (and still can’t) download the latest version of Second life.

    So, all in all, shucks!

    But, thanks for the piccys…looks like it was good fun, and I’ve seen lots of good reviews 🙂

  2. I missed it too. I hope IBMers will continue to party like this, not least because I want to actually make it to the next one.

    We should think about timezones too. Multiple events? Long-running events with people from different timezones dropping in at the best time for them?

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