Building 3d in real life with motion capture

Rob Lawrence of, who used to work with us all here as Creative Director sent me this link to Sketch Furniture by FRONT.
Using 3d motion capture in real space, capturing the sketch and putting it off to a 3d printer.
This is the sort of advance we will start seeing as we all become more accepting of 3d. Which used to be afew skilled designers with high end workstations, but now is open to many more people.
Imagine sculpting Second Life objects in real space, let alone printing them out.
We have lots of people who are now navigating 3d space in SL, and feeling that the mouse and keyboard inetrfaces are restrictive. We have had to adapt to using the keyboards and mice but many more styles of interaction are just around the corner, and commercially viable. You only have to look at the wii controller.
I am sure as the MMO clients get more open source we will see more stylish and human friendly interaction with the building tools and ways to explore the space.
So just as many other things are all reaching maturity at the same time to create this user created, 3d, multi user experience metaverse experience (which used to be VR) its time to start looking at all those haptic devices again.

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