Babbage Linden on the TV

Whilst sitting up on one of the usual late night sessions that working in Second Life brings I also had my TV on. The BBC have a tech feature called Click. The program runs at all times of the day.
However, this episode and interview features Babbage Linden and Mike Butcher from The film starts with 1 min 30 secs of SL footage before going into the real life interview.
Copybot(a nice explanation of it to alay fears), land owning millionaires, self regulating content, adult content, teen grid,open sourcing and more importantly new business opportunities and business backlashes.
Babbage makes the very valid point, dont just plonk your business in there, enagage with the community, try and understand the culture(s).
So a good 10 minutes to have a look at and use to help convince people.
I am not sure I liked the sign off at the end, but ignore that ‘joke’ and this makes a very interesting piece.

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