Christmas on the IBM 12 islands

Well done to the Boris Frampton et al for getting the christmas party going on the IBM 12 islands.
I was working at home and had a few network problems so kept rezzing in and out in my tacky tree costume.

Anyway it was a very packed event.

Look at all those green dots !

There were tutorials
A sleigh to ride (thats me as a tree having a ride)

Ice skating

Cool Christmas costumes such as Laina Fallon

There was also a whole load of dancing in the greaterIBM sim Snapzilla pictures of that got lost my network trauma.
Ever seen a tree breakdance. Well you will have to imagine now.

We had several sims maxed out and some overflow to the others so a good few hundred people around.
It was a very rewarding experience to see so many people turn up and join in.
Well done all again !

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