libSL and The Sheep

I mentioned on my personal blog recently that I’d been looking at the capabilities of libsecondlife, and thinking about the possibilities of automating certain administrative tasks without having to fire up the full Second Life client.

It seems that the guys from the Electric Sheep Company have been doing some really interesting stuff with libsecondlife. If you’ve heard the rumours about sheepy avatars (Sheep-bots) in certain sims, it appears that they are part of their experiments with the library. As Chris Carella says:

[the Electric Sheep] software team has been playing with libsecondlife for some time now. At first it was really interesting to see what libsecondlife was uncovering about the protocol. As a full-service Metaverse company understanding how these worlds work is important to us. It has always been R&D work to us. The libsl’ers have made incredible progress and one can start to see some useful applications on the horizon.

Personally, I’m intrigued by some of the possibilities, but I’ve not done anything like as clever as the Sheep. Great stuff.

(found via the We The Sheeple aggregated feed)