Sears on IBM islands

I have been meaning to write about our IBM Sears/CES 07 build this week but I have actually had a bit of trouble finding the time to take the screen shots. However 3pointd have a great write up. Millions of us also stopped by and rebang has a great post too which has a great follow up on home cnc
The build has been getting a lot of interest and so when epredator potato is standing around outside the entrance I have found it much more useful to have some conversations with the passers by, but have not made it in to take the snapzilla shots that I could adorn this post with.
Here I only managed to get as far as the door and bumped into Ultravox Freeman who was busy for us with the team at CES 07 showing all the work and getting very worn out.
My photo shoot of all the great work turned into a CES 07 remote personal appearance on a big screen instead.
I got as far as a kitchen
The whole concept is one of discovering how to help people preview goods in their environment. We have this in a sort of different way with kitchen design firms who come to your house, measure up and render some shots for you on their laptop. This does not replace that but adds to the concept.
This was also built over the christmas holidays, as a few other things you will see soon were, by an ever growing band of people.
It has been great to see such a team rally around and dive into this the past year and the future looks great too.

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10 thoughts on “Sears on IBM islands

  1. Great work guys — looks very cool.

    Can I get the tires changed on my Dominus, Scion, Nissan or Solstice? If not, we should do it together. . . .

  2. I haven’t had a chance to see this in SL actually, however, I am at CES in Las Vegas, and was at the IBM booth surrounded by IBM and Sears people, watching the demo of this on a huge flat screen. Tons of ideas floating around. 🙂

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  4. I (Yehoo Newall) was one of those passersby that you so eloquently entertained in front of the Sears Store. I had just connected with an old colleague (Rorok Longstaff) for the first time in world and was showing him some of the new business ideas that IBM was doing in SL. We had just seen the Circuit City store and were headed to Sears when we ran into you.

    I was in the middle of telling him about the virtual kitchen concepts and his textures were a little slow coming down so when he first saw your AV, he literally thought you were a garbage disposal on legs, thinking it was some sort of gimmick and you were going to be a tallking garbage disposal doubling as a sales rep (actually there’s another neat concept, have virtual appliance bots that can sell themselves).

    So when he called your avatar a garbage disposal with legs, he was serious!!! I was a little aghast which is why I kind of hinted to Rorok that you were something of a Sl celebrity.

    BTW, Rorok in RL has a VC who has funded him to explore business possibilities in SL so the time you spent chatting with him was invaluable!!! Having run into you when we did was incredibly good timing and we both mentioned that there must have been somne serious good karma involved with our meeting.

  5. Hey Frank, it was a great chat. I was not at all offended but the garbage disposal comment, though now I understand why 🙂
    It seems that so much of what has happened the entire past year in SL has involved a higher than average amount of serendipity and good Karma.
    Even at the lowest times, when it was almost worth giving up I tended to have a chance meeting to re-energize me and keep me going. Meeting Seth Witte, Jessica Qin, Nink Noonan and many others have all been signficant and memorable.
    It is sometimes hard to make sure I get the time to help people, but I really do enjoy doing that.
    It is also an important trend that we are all meeting both within our company and outside it. Many more people are able to share interactions across all sorts of boundaries. They can also happen in small bites rather than the large full on social fest of a 3 day convention which does not suit everyone.
    So thankyou for the taking Rorok on the tour and introducing me.

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  7. Sears IBM Island will certainly capture attention. Many customers require a visual picture before they are able to make a decision. This will help increase sales and also make a contractor’s job hassle-free.

    Love it!

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