The world is shrinking or serendipity is playing again, this time its penguins.

3pointd has a great post about a collaborative wiki/novel experiment. Being very interested in how these things self organize I thought I would take a look. I was instantly struck by the fact that it was being run out of DeMontfort University my old uni.(Leicester Polytechnic when I joined). All through this past year serendipty has played a huge part in the things I have chosen to look at and pursue. So this fits right in there now.
The collaborative ability to tell a story will probably not make a stunning novel in the traditional sense. However we have plenty of novel writers to do that.
Mark asks how we can get this sort of thing happening in Second Life? In reality (virtual) we have this to some extent already. Hursley private island is a self organized mix of buildings, that has over time changed and developed a plot of its own. Many of the builds in SL are collaborative creations, some planned with a storyline or style, others evolving. I think the real metaverse collaborative beauty though is temporal. An event, a chance meeting, a concert. How we choose to record these and tell them as stories (as we have in this blog over the past year) and the language and tools required is where we can all make some progress. The many expressions of all things Second Life in machinima parallel the real world of film and video. The blogs are newspapers/novels. Snapzilla a photo archive.
Is there a place for a holographic history, ghosts in the machine to help us understand the significance of an event and share it?

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