Self organizing, the threat and opportunity

The past year taught me to how to absorb and experience the self organizing culture. I had always known it was there. Chaos theory shows it has its risks, resolving to zero, infinity or a stable place. The way we all ended up in Second Life and changed so many things related to virtual worlds powered by web 2.0 interactions is fascinating.
I have seen and experienced how a more traditional control mechanism can not cope with the power of a self organized network (though it is a minority that tried to fight it). It is something that can not be understood from the outside and that can be frightening to some people, and I now unerstand the fear. However, people working for a common interest enabled by a will to cooperate produces powerful results.
My IBM collegues have embraced the spirit of self organization in so many ways. Not least with how we have approached virtual worlds such as Second Life. Eightbar has become a ‘brand’ for this spirit. As more new people join us on this journey we are all getting to spread the extra spirit of self organization. Its not anarchy, but those not part of it may consider it worryingly close to that.
Whilst enjoying the superbowl experience I read our collegue Rawn’s blog about some interesting books on the subject of self organizing.
As per usual I am sure I will not read the entire thing, but I have now ordered The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations. Just in case I have missed something. Also A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder.
It really is likely to be a rehash of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance where order in apparent disorder is discussed. If only I could get around to writing the books in the first place I could stop buying quite so many books!

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