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Once again 3pointd has found something interesting. This time we do have a bit of a headsup on this. QEDWiki is a situational application building tool. The basic premise is to use the principles of a Wiki but allowing people to pull in services and feeds as part of the wiki.
The wiki approach lets people pull together a mashup and then share it with others. In a business context the aim is to do the same thing as tends to happen with shared spreadsheets. Business people often are happy to build a spreadsheet with some business information pasted in then share that with collegues. To many of us this is Web 2.0 mentality anyway, it is a natural rearranging of data and sharing of data. Now remove the cut and paste of the data, make it a live feed, place it in a Web 2.0 browser context and you have a situational application builder.
In many of the Web 2.0 presentations we do we have been explaining QEDWiki and alike for the past year as it comes out of the Emerging Technology organization that serveral of the Hursley eightbar crew are part of or have been part of.
One conversation point is usually around the reliability of the feeds and mashup sources that a business user may pull together. What happens when in meeting the requirement for a business problem the mashup becomes so important that it is a business critical system? (it is going to happen) What happens if a public feed, a mapping system for example, is no longer is available?
These are very valid points, but I regard the mashup as a very quick way to solve an immediate problem and protoype things that, then need to be hardened into a business application. It is much better than an esoteric design document that is full of theory.
I have often related Second Life to a mashup application too. Its ability to absorb feeds and data from the web, and to share in real time with other users fits the same model.

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5 thoughts on “QEDWiki on 3pointd

  1. What happens when the feeds become unreliable or when teh mashup itself becomes business critical?

    This si easy — it is no longer a sit app and therefore should be handled via traditional IT App Dev processes.

    However what percent of sit apps ever reach that threshold? Premise — few. Therefore there is value in the ability to improve end-user productivity for sit apps.

  2. I agree Vigna. We have I guess, often sene in IT the ‘prototype’ end up become the main application and then having to design fixes around the initial build.
    What this does is speed up the cycle time and make it quicker for the users of information to work out what they need to do with it.
    Transitions from prototype/mashup/quick macro to a critical business system requires management and thought.

  3. End-user directed app development leads to changes in workflow and productivity that in turn lead to more end-user directed app development. “Hardened” comes to mead ossified and unable to keep up with the rate of change. I’m a router jockey, not a developer, so maybe I’m all wet on this. But if not present reality, perhaps the trend?

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