Working across Metaverses

Mark Wallace of 3pointd fame is a guest writer on Terra Nova.

This TN post is well worth reading, (though the extensive comments may get a bit much :-))

The base principle is one of meta guilds. This is something that we have explored in various ways. Eightbar exits in a few places including a very early presence in Eve-Online. We also have a wider team at IBM called the Virtual Universe Community. Our charter started out from our Second Life exploration but was always intended to cover multiple environments and places in the future so that we could work as one across many metaverses. Many of the meta guilds are clearly based around gameplay and more amusing concepts. Ours though is focussed on us as IBMers and as part of the industry.

To quote Mark
“A meta-guild — i.e., a guild with a presence across a number of virtual worlds and/or MMOs — allows a group to share their experiences of gameplay in various environments, and eases the process of traveling among such worlds for the individual.”

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One thought on “Working across Metaverses

  1. I’ve been experimenting with this model with RP systems, a high level storyline/character development that spans RP systems and other worlds. The Spin Martin brand exists in XBOX Live, EVE, and other places; the creative inspiration of one of our landmark sims extends to Warcraft, with sub-parallel storylines starting in WoW, bouncing to EVE, landing in SL– creating this type of allegory of actual events, instead of taking creative IP without permission.

    Somewhat a mashup between clinically blogging actualy events devoid of specifics. Doing this with things like Twitter and such now.

    Some people hate this, and yet as a creative, it really sharpens the skills. Now to map it to RL workflows.

    Thanks for the link..

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