Quest for Fame

Several things reminded me of the fun I had with Quest For Fame a game that had IBM all over its packaging way back.
Primarily it was the appearance of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith at the brits then on various radio shows. Quest for Fame in its jazzed up version had Aerosmith songs in it, real ones and the band in cut out film form. QFF was a bemani style guitar game, with a very clever plectrum. The plectrum let you rock on a tennis racket and strum with the music. It made for both the need for real rythm in a guitar context (just you did not need to do the chords) but it also pulled you into the song and made you a part of it.
The other thing that had me thinking about this was Daz and how much he likes guitar hero plus I am looking forward to this making its way to the 360.
With all the inventive Wii control excitement, our diving into virtual worlds Second Life etc and producing chips for all the major games consoles maybe it is time for Quest for Fame to make a comeback?
I need to see if I can find my old plectrums, plug them in and get them pumping data into one of the many cool Second Life instruments.

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5 thoughts on “Quest for Fame

  1. Quest For Fame definitely needs to make a return. One of my all time favorite games! What would it take?

    Rock on

  2. CL, last I saw of it Namco had it. They had done a drum pad too. It was not as well done as the original(s).
    Now if GH2 took story mode, threw the aerosmith songs on GH2 that would be very close indeed

  3. I’ve just found my Quest for Fame game and plectrum…but there’s no where to plug it into the back of the computer! How gutting! I suppose everything’s USB now – it used to go into the printer slot at the back of the computer.
    Anyone know whether I could rewire it?!?! : )
    p.s. I’ll never forget when I first made it to the stadium!! : )

  4. I found a fenale cord that turns into a usb at a computer store in San Fancisco. My problem is, I cannot get the game to play because in need to be played in Dos. I hooked mine into a laptop with with the USB port, but I can not for the life of me to get the game to work I loved this game and my daughter loved it so much that she asked for aoguitar for a Christmas about 8 years a go. If anyone knows how to get the game to play on a Dell Laptop, please email me @


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