Roo is flying high

If you happen to be flying with British Airways this month, look out for their in-flight magazine Business Life. There’s a cover feature and 6 page article on Second Life. Roo is mentioned on the last page, although thanks to a typo they seem to think he’s Metaverse Evangelist at “IMB Labs” (sic).

(I realise it is nearly the end of the month, but I only just found out about this)

4 thoughts on “Roo is flying high

  1. Thanks Andy

    In some ways it’s less annoying than when Tim Guest mis-reported the name of this blog as ‘Eightball’ in Edge. 🙂

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  3. sorry I’m flying BMI to IBM labs in Dublin on Monday.. so wont be able to read that one..

    any other anagrams of IBM ? 😉

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