Many Eyes make light work

If you’re anything like me, tables of numbers are hard to grasp. If a picture is woth a thousand words, it’s probably worth a million spreadsheets. (I’ve always thought the only good spreadsheet is one with a graph on every page.) I was therefore delighted when, following the release of some detailed Second Life stats by Linden Lab people like Raph Koster and Darren Herman shared some interesting graphs and visualisations of the raw data.

I’ve been meaning to try out Many Eyes for a while, so I uploaded the residents by country data and, with just a couple of clicks, Many Eyes was displaying it as a map and a bubble chart

I’m very impressed with Many Eyes. I know it’s an IBM creation, but I was honestly rather struck by how straightforward and pleasant it was to use. Congratulations to the team behind it. The Visual Communication Lab must surely be a very cool place to work.

One thought on “Many Eyes make light work

  1. lol. I had been meaning to try Many Eyes since I first ran across it a couple weeks ago. Since throwing stats around isn’t exactly my thing, I simply forgot. There are sooo many cool Web 2.0 gadgets to play with… Thanks for reminding me, and for the inspiration.

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