WadaTripp’s Machinima/presentation exploration of Virtual Worlds

Our collegue WadaTripp has created a very good mashup of presentation and machinima entitled Virtual Worlds and the Future of Learning.
Its 10 minutes long and shows some perspectives and interesting concepts that are happening inside places like Second Life.
Well worth a look as a serious(ish) exploration of metaverse concepts.

His blog is over here

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2 thoughts on “WadaTripp’s Machinima/presentation exploration of Virtual Worlds

  1. The video used for ‘co-creation’ part wasn’t made by architecture students, but was a demonstration by the RL Architects Group in Second Life, on Architecture Island.

    This demonstration led to the creation of a ‘Wikitecture’ group that is examining the principles of co-creation, and developing tools to enable a true ‘Wiki’ style building methodology. Please contact Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw in-world for more info.

    Thanks for posting this! It is very well done.

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