3pointd is 1 year old too, future predictions for the metaverse?

I am just telling my roadie off because I specifically asked for the blue M&M’s to be removed, but I caught mark wallace’s twitter and subsequent post on the future of the metaverse.
I had a chart I made about 6 years ago with some linkages of technologies and concepts, a sort of mind map for the future. On it I had MMORPG obviously, but I also had 3d printing and Augmented Reality (and a few other things).
The hunt for immersion and escapism is certainly one track that will continue, but the need to add to the world that we already have and connect people and information feels like an important road to take too.
As we have all learned, we talk about virtual worlds, but the people are very real.
We are also still constrained by Qwerty keyboards designed to stop old typewriters jamming, cursor buttons to enable us to move around spreadsheet cells and a mouse to let us resize 2d windows. The commercial games controllers, the wiimote and the ps3 sixaxis are showing that there are other ways to engage with content, we need to re explore the ways to render that content. 3D printers are one very solid way, and real headsup displays and personal awareness projections are another. Many people will look back at the ealry explorations of Virtual Reality and say “but that did not work all those bulky head trackers and data gloves”, but that is no reason to not push forward now that much of the technology has got very much easier and commercial. We also now have killer apps for 3d that are not killing apps such as most of the games have been.
I remember sitting in my room at college, modelling a Lotus Esprit on my Amiga. Creating a flypast movie, a bit of lighting etc. It was an interesting technical and creative challenge, but in some respects there was no point. I could not easily share it. Now we can share anything with almost anyone at any time. There are reasons to share, entertaining, informing and impressing.
So the world has moved on, so we can now bring back all those things tried before and see if they work now, and also invent some new ways of engaging. Its going to be a very interesting year methinks.

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