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Whilst over in the US of A I cuaght the advert for Dassault entitled “I see what you mean” check out the TV commercial button. This is CGI stuck into an advert but as a vision of how augmented reality could work its a nice piece of work

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10 thoughts on “Dassault Systems TV Ad

  1. Related to this, I think: There was a recent shuffle at Dassault. Founder Francis Bernard reportedly retired from the company but has since taken over the CEO position at ParallelGraphics (fwiw, for those unaware as I was, he was previously on the board, so his involvement with the company predates this move).

    Now if Dassault has this kind of a vision (and that is a neat video) and already owns a virtual application company (Virtools), I have to ask: What does Mr. Bernard intend to do at ParallelGraphics? Worth keeping an eye on them.

  2. Thanks for bringing this one to attention! This is one of the best “ads” driving mainstream appeal for future augmented reality tech that I have seen. Definitely one to forward to those that still need to be “turned on” to the possibilities.

    This is a great candidate for “take the metaverse to work day”…

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