IBM Virtual Business Centre, with people

Virtual worlds are about connecting people. Kevin has just posted a video about the IBM branch office in Second Life.
The key to this is that it is staffed. When customers need something they get patched into a member of the IBM team. More details to come, but for now this video is great (IMHO)

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6 thoughts on “IBM Virtual Business Centre, with people

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  2. Don’t want to spoil the party, but the mainframe this client is choosing is a z900, dating from 2000 and no longer for sale. It’s successor was the z990 (2002) which was in turn followed up by the z9 EC (2005). Fortunately that seems to be the one he’s actually buying.

  3. A very good spot 🙂 It is interesting that kevin managed to find an old machine, presumably for visual effect. It may have been he took it from our museum. Lots of people have been building older machine for nostalgia 🙂

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