Crowdsourcing, reaching a larger audience and people willing to get involved?

Today has, and is going to be a day of lots of communicating with a large audience via all things metaversal.
We had an event in Second Life today that we pulled out all the stops amongst our own internal audience to get attendance in Second Life. Impact 2007 was simulcast into IBM 8,9 2 and 3. We had quite a crowd, many of them new to Second Life, which was the surprise. As this was planned as a get people along even it ended up needing a few of us to turn into organizers and help out with peoples problems with the video feeds. You end up forgetting being that new that it is not turned on by default.
Anyway we had good attendance as you can see from this quick youtube rush

So this was an event about Services Oriented Architecture SOA, so dear to many of my collegues hearts as its a very important design pattern and attitude to IT and Business.

Talking of attitudes and to varied and mixed life out here in the metaverse…
At 9pm (1pm SLT) tonight I have a meeting with some guys from a marketing partner, who want to do some ethanography of the virtual world, in this case Second Life. As with all this things I have no direct idea of how this may turn out but I want to gather a crowd, or a few people at least from all around the world, real and virtual to enable these ethanographers to get a feel for the vastness of range of people and countries we all represent. It will probably be on IBM 7 using the greater IBM building or the yacht 🙂 in case anyone wants to hang around and have a chat/introduction
Notably of cause is the variety of friends of friends that people could introduce them too. At the same time we have a balance of them not asking about anyones person behind the avatar as that has to be volunteered should people be willing to. All this seems like a minefield of etiquette, but the mere fact that minefield exists is worthy of study. So for me I am balancing spamming my collegues and friends against understanding how I help and guide people to reach who and what they need in a virtual environement.
The guys have produced a mini survey, open to all, around online/offline presence The eightbar group and internal bloggers have alreayd had a go at it, I also twittered it which got even more feedback. The questions may adjust a little and things about it will be fixed as we go along (which of course is the way to work now)

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