Sky News hits Second Life

Today marked the launch of Sky News in Second Life. They have worked with River Run Red and keyed into a live event and live simulcast. The event happened this morning with a packed sime of people appearing live on Sky News. The event felt like another watershed. We still had to deal with the guests who were being broadcast in Second Life saying the usual “I cant deal with my first life” initial reaction. However as we have all come to realize we very much have an adoption of “Joke, Threat, Obvious”. Three phases that people tend to go through, all at a different pace.
Tim Guest was live explaining some of it towards the end. It was interesting to have a live feed of the sky audio with Adam Boulton, though I am not sure he realized we were 100% live in SL during the breaks. Very interesting about certain guests he has interviewed 🙂
The one guest who had a chance of getting it was politician Ed Miliband. He had taken some of this onboard and made some sensible contributions. Mariella Frostrop clearly has not been briefed as she made the assumption that you only live a fantasy life in Second Life rather than those of us who use it as an extention, just like a blog.
I am not going to make any comments about the other guest. As she characterized any online person as an unemployed male who did not do housework not have anything better to do not have any children. The irony being Andy Remblai and I both had our respective babies on our laps watching, and last time I checked we had jobs and this just happens to be part of it.
The other cool part of the event was having both 3 Lindens there, a first for some of the guests to meet one. We also though had 3 eightbars, as Algernon Spackler was there too.
This little youtube shows the sky news centre before the launch and the actual event.

This is Sky’s own advert/machinima for it.

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