Eightbar @ Tweakfest

Tomorrow I am hopping on a plane and heading to Zurich for Tweakfest Its a multimedia extravaganza. I have no idea what to expect, but it looks very exciting. I do know that I am on stage doing a key note on this whole virtual worlds business, where it fits, why we got so interested, go evangelize.
I also get to SlMeet (as we it got called at virtual worlds 2007 when you physically meet someone oyu know well from Second Life) our very own Sifu Moraga, who was a very early joiner to the eightbar group.
So whats the plan, I am probably going to bounce around and do my usual pitch. Usual to me, but not to the people listening. With either some live internal metaverse running around, or Second Life, or videos depending on the vibe in the room.
Steve Wozniak is opening the event on Thursday, which sounds very cool, so I may get to say Hi. He also has a wikipedia page, I can but aspire to that, along with eightbar itself.
Hopefully I will be able to photo blog and twitter a bit, but I know I have a load of interviews to do, and I am not there for the whole weekend but have to fly back friday night.
As an arts festival, themed on metaverse the varieties of knowledge of what this is all about will make it truly confusing, anywhere from the entire SL twitter crew to the most cynical its just a game brigade. However, I love a challenge, and as people who have met me I know I do like to talk. 14 months of daily discoveries and anecdotes make for great material, as does the entire self organizing nature of eightbar and the impact we have all had on our business.
If I get any time, with me Second Life though I am sure I will be exploring what we can do with sculpties, good luck with the update everyone.