Second Lives book launch party

As Ian recently posted, we attended the book launch party on Tuesday for Tim Guest’s new book, Second Lives.

It was interesting and fitting that there was another book launch party tonight, and this one was in Second Life.

Errol book launch SL party

This one was held at the Elysian Isle sim in Second Life. At this one, unlike in the real world, Tim gave a reading from first chapter (and I have to say his voice was a welcome relief from the reading on Radio 4 this week; Tim’s voice makes much easier listening). There was also a digital copy of the first chapter of the book to take away.  

Errol book launch SL party - book reading

Sadly, the virtual version lacks the all important inside cover. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing and great screenshots! Second Life is a huge industry these days. I can’t believe that carmakers are even getting involved!

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