Pushing the Wimbledon broadcasting envelope Web 2.0 is Web Do

We are in the midst of building the public Wimbledon build on IBM 7 in second life. We have another week or so before the life championships begin, but we are holding some gatherings to show some people what we are doing. We are doing this all out in the public. A slightly unusual and brave move.
One thing I am experimenting with is streaming the Second Life build via ustream using some of my own video kit.
I know lots of the others out there are doing similar things, but its good to try yourself. Web 2.0 is Web Do after all.
Today, from a home network I have been streaming live on a Wimbledon channel on ustream.tv
home setup ready for the road
It was not a high production value tv program, but more a test of what works where. Is it worth streaming audio when a telecon may be on, is it worth having a ustream chat room when you have people in Second Life. In a live event such as a press conference with people on the phone, in the room, in SL and now on ustream whats the feel and flow that needs to be used?
I hit record aswell on ustream so you can see all the rough edges and the occassional lag I got. Some of that was having only a 4mb pipe into the house and having 3 computers consuming the content aswell as pushing the content and running SL.
I ended up buying a driver for my Sony DV cam from trackercam and some updated USB drivers from Sony (which I had to get via the Asia site for some reason).
So a DV camera, usb cable, driver, laptop and internet connection and I am up and running as a portable tv crew.
I have already used my nokie n95 and pocketcaster to some other live broadcasts over 3g on epredator.tv
This, with a crossover to the virtual world to makes it a very exciting time. This is all getting technically very easy. I remember the hassle when Cliff and co where doing the live Chelsea radio webcast back in 1997. Now…. anyone can do this.