Terra Nova here we come

Roo and I have been invited to guest author over on Terra Nova for the month of August. So we have started already, we twittered about and then tossed a virtual coin (my real one is in the post) and I went first.
It is an odd experience to consider writing on someone else’s blog. As you know we all felt the need to split and write our own blogs a bit more (even though it appeared that this was my personal blog sometimes!). Now two of us are off writing similar but different things on the famous TN. When you combine this with the internal blogs we have inside IBM there are a lot of places to say things and reach people.
As I have found though the themes may be the same, and some cut and paste may occur you do have to put on a very different persona for each blog.
My personal blog outside on epredator.com I will say and do what ever, be as off topic as I want (within normal parameters as an employee of course!)
Eightbar used to be rougish fun, out blogging one another combining on posts, but now we have a responsibility to our eightbar brand and to each other.
Internal blogs…. well we are all freinds here so its about a bit more depth of thought aswell as quirky awareness.
Terra Nova? Well this could be about extending the credibility to a different audience. Eightbar gets a lot of Second Life traffic, though we try and show the broadness of its meta guild nature across other platforms, Sl is still where the extreme ideas are demonstrated at the moment. TN takes us to a whole load of gamers and thinkers, som of whom will not want corporate involvement in any of this. Some will be purists.
We will, just as with slashdot these days, get into raging academic arguments.
However, it is all good. Discussion is good. Contributing to discussions is not wrong.
Like most of the things I kick off doing I do not know the precise outcome, I just know the direction is right. Back in the early eightbar in SL days we sat and planned that we should try and get a trackback or reference from TN. That did not happen as such. Instead something much better, guest authors, came along. in measurement terms we have far far exceeded the plan and now hope to make use of the opportunity.