Real products from virtual shop – I want one of those

Yesterday Andy Piper pinged me and also sent me the landmark for IWOOT. I Want One of Those provides a whole host of mad gadgets and things you never knew you needed. Such as racing grannies (I got some for christmas).
Well now they have a Second Life presence. That shop allows you to tie your avatar to a shipping address, pick up a shopping cart and buy the products with Linden dollars then shipped to you in RL.
Its been a while coming, they may be more out there. The thing is this is the one I got to see first, for whatever reason. So this is the one I shopped at, and bought a couple of items.
The support emails appear to come from and I have shopped with them before so I feel quite happy.
Much of the build appears to be by Ceeq Laborde for his so props to him for making this happen.

iwoot 1
cart 1
cart 2
cart 3
All pictures from snapzilla

I notice also in coming back that the pictures sent via postcards are now full size. So poor snapzilla is going to get get swamped with data. The old sizes were not production quality, but handy for blog posts. I am not complaining, as I can choose what I send but its an example of a knock on effect of a simple change in one system.
Nicer postcards -> more network traffic -> more storage required by service providers -> longer load times on blog posts if no editing done -> etc. Showing there is no such thing as a small change (maybe thats a post for terra nova 🙂 )

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