Augmented Mixed Reality – Virtual, Physical and Augmented mashup

Ok, this may be tricky so you may want to sit down for this one.
After my previous post using the ARTag augmented reality, allowing my avatar to interact with an augmented reality 3d object superimposed on the view I coudl not resist taking it a stage further.
As you know I have a fabjectory model of my more human Second Life avatar. It is a physical statue made real from the virtual.So, I dug up my very old copy of the canon 3d SOM. This appears to be here now
The 3d SOM packaged makes a 3d model from a collection of photos of a real object.
Yes, I took my Second Life avatar, had it printed in real life, photographed it, turned it back into a 3d model, applied that model to the ARTag augmented reality kit and then used put the ARTag texture in Second Life, pointed the camera at the Second Life screen.
Voila, my avatar was in augmented virtual reality with my other avatar.
The possibilities, and the loops withing loops ermeging from this are very intriguing indeed.
I think this is Augmented Mixed Reality?




Many hands make AR work, Rob (dressed for a visitor) helped with the camera for this one.

16 thoughts on “Augmented Mixed Reality – Virtual, Physical and Augmented mashup

  1. @dobre erm….. πŸ™‚
    1) The Artag project out there on the web provides some client code that is able to spot specific patterns on printed material. It can then place 3d objects over that material.
    This means if you look at the real worldf with a camera you get virtual objects superimposed.
    It is able to detect distance and direction to allow a 3d view of the object.
    Thats augmented reality
    2) I have a photo package that can take 2d photos and create a 3d model mesh and texture from them. So I made a 3d model of my real epredator statue that came from the 3d rendition of my in Second Life (via fabjectory)
    3) I placed the real world ARTtag tags into Second Life and placed them on an object
    4)So now the Second life client is rendering the ARTag patterns, and providing the ability to move camera around them (as opposed to real world)
    5)Then….. using a web cam pointing at that SL client showing the artag texture the artag code then was able to use the SL picture as a backdrop (instead of Real life) and superimpose the other 3d model on it (i.e. part 2)

    One of my SL avatars was standing next to the artag elements in SL, and we took a picture of the combined rendition.
    The third photo shows both screens.

    It is a bit freaky, but rather than augmenting real world things we are augmnenting virtual world things. The ARTag is not bothered one way or another.

    Moving my avatar from SL to a physical print and back to a 3d model again in order to mash it up is just the icing on the cake.

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  6. Hey, whered you get ahold of a copy of Canon 3D som, and would you be willing to sell it? πŸ™‚

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  8. Intreguing to see how this might work on the fly. So in future when we’re all wearing heads up displays and fly-eye cameras capturing our surroundings, we can share someone else’s reality and transmit ours. πŸ™‚

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