Fab Fabjectory

I have been laid up with chickenpox for the past week, which has meant no blogging, no Second Life. Today was my first day back at work, though only from home as I am still infectious. So it was a great start to the day to be in to sign for my parcel from Michael at fabjectory. A few weeks a go I stood for a capture session in SL, and am now the proud owner of this excellent epredator potato figure straight out of a 3d printer.
fabjectory print
Michael did some work to make sure my custom Reeboks came out, and they are very very good.
custom reeboks
I decided to wear Judge Hocho’s eightbar t-shirt with my real life leather jacket.
8bar t-shirt
The plinth is also printed with the avatar name, a nice touch.
It is great to have something like this, having wanted to get something going with 3d printers for a good few years, and to have this blended with Second Life is even better.
top view
It has been great to catch up on all the coverage we got for the innovation jam results and having just taken a tour of Second Life its amazing what changes in a week just in our spaces.

11 thoughts on “Fab Fabjectory

  1. Well I believe there are starch based rapid prototyping tools, I believe mine is plastic and glue as its depends on the type of printer.

  2. Ian,

    I’m very glad you’re happy with the figure. The printer itself is loaded up like an inkjet with a couple different bins of tinted glue that are applied to very fine layers of plaster dust to build up a model.

    Once it’s done being fabbed, it’s coated in superglue to give it some more surface strength.

    Thanks again,

    Mike Buckbee

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  8. I don’t know if you or anyone can give me any advice about fabjectory.
    I ordered 2 miis in June. My credit card was chaged for them on June 26 2008. I have called Mike several times and I have e-mailed him and so far I have had no reply. It is too late to dispute the charge with paypal, because it has been over 45 days. I’ve been waiting for almost 3 months.
    I don’t want to think that I have been ripped off. If you have any info about the company, could you please let me know. Thank you. Sharron

  9. This is cool! The one who made it surely is an expert to be able to intricately design it according to the model’s preference. This is a nice gift for someone.

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