It does not have to be photo realistic to work

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream have a great new build in Second Life. I only just got to visit it.
It just goes to show that, as has been found with going cell shaded in games, photo realism is not everything. It is of course good to have both cartoon and photo real options, but the right place, designed well can look and feel right in so many other ways.

b and j
picture from snapzilla

Interestingly they have a seperate sign up using the SL api and thier own orientation island. This will mean the rest of SL will be quite a shock to newbies.

What is interesting is that whilst its odd I still seem to fit as an avatar in this picture despite the clash of design and culture.

me b & j

Most of the objects I clicked on seemed to be by Damien Fate. Its a very nice piece of work.

9 thoughts on “It does not have to be photo realistic to work

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