More art in virtual worlds. AM Radio rocks.

Back in July I shared Robbie Dingo’s beautiful ‘Watch the World(s)’ machinima. Today I was equally blown away by some of AM Radio’s amazing creations, captured as a video by Aeron Copeland.  Both are Eightbar members and long-time explorers and builders in Second Life.


There’s not much I can add to that, other than “wow”. I’m delighted, since I’ve been looking for some examples of art in virtual worlds for a talk I’m giving next month for the IT For Arts community at the Wigmore Hall in London. If you have more examples I should know about (doesn’t have to in Second Life, and could be any sort of art, including theatre, sculpture, …) do feel free to share them.

8 thoughts on “More art in virtual worlds. AM Radio rocks.

  1. Great find. I had not seen either of them. I’m simply stunned. It is far more appealing than the spinning signs in world and much of anything you can find on TV. Would someone w/o exposure to Second Life have the same level of appreciation? I am new to Second Life and my pathetic attempts at construction may have altered my level of amazement.

    Bowa Karas

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  3. Stunning ! I had seen some of AM’s posts on the internal blogs about baking textures etc, the stills always looked great, but this is awesome!

  4. Hi Roo,

    Re: Other examples… You’ve probably seen this already as I think it’s had a fair amount of publicity, but I was pretty impressed by the DanCoyote Antonelli exhibit at Arts & Letters. See

    It’s important to follow the advice in the landing area about changing the client settings to get the full impact, I think. It is almost “overpowering” at times, but it seemed to me another good example of exploiting some of the capabilities of SL as a medium.

  5. AM Radio’s work has always been impressive to me. I hadn’t seen some of these builds before… Thanks for sharing them epredator. The other thing that I love is that they are not sculpties, but they are built up from primitives. I had AM on my Trippin’ the Verse podcast some time ago and he explained a lot of his technique,

  6. Ultravox: “*cough* This entry was posted on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 by Roo Reynolds”.

    PeteJ: thanks for the reminder of DanCoyote Antonelli’s work.

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