Virtual Worlds Fall in San Jose

The next big virtual worlds conference is looming large. Virtual Worlds Fall in San Jose on 11/12 October.
IBM is a gold sponsor and there will be a lot of the extended eightbar team at the conference.
Sandy Kearney has a keynote:
Virtual Worlds: The BEST platforms for Enterprise Value
An Examination of Virtual World Platforms From the Enterprise Perspective.
The number of virtual worlds platforms are proliferating from publicly operated virtual worlds to private world engines. Where does an enterprise start when evaluating a platform based on BEST: Business, Economic Value, Social Interaction and Technology? This detailed session will review the leading platforms for enterprise use, talk about the real business value being realized in virtual worlds today and have a look into the future of virtual worlds fit for business.
– Sandy Kearney, IBM Global Director, IBM 3D Internet and Virtual Business

Linda Ban is moderating a panel
Applications that Work
What applications work for large scale enterprises. This panel discussion will look at multiple applications, using actual use-cases as examples. What are the goals and objectives? Who are the participants: customers, partners or internal to the organization? It is channel communication or executive briefings to the public or manager training or is it employee collaboration. what applications work and under what circumstances?
– Greg Nuyens, CEO, Qwaq
– Ron Burns, President, ProtonMedia
– Robert Gehorsam, President, Forterra Systems
– Steve Metzger, CEO, VT&T
– Linda Ban, Client and Program Strategy Executive, 3DInternet and Digital Convergence,
IBM Research

and yours truly is speaking on business process management in the enterprise with John Jainschigg, Director, Online Technology and New Business, CMP Technology.

October 10th
Wednesday, 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Business Process Management
How do you manage a virtual worlds presence for a large organization. What processes need to be put in place for a public virtual worlds effort such as Second Life vs a private dedicated virtual world? What variables need to be considered depending on the applications and goals expected?
– Ian Hughes, Metaverse Evangelist, IBM
– John Jainschigg, Director, Online Technology and New Business, CMP Technology, LLC

Our pitch is scheduled at the same time as Reuben, Sibley and Wello’s session

Entertainment in Virtual Worlds – It’s Not Games. it’s Not TV. It’s….
With the advent of virtual worlds television networks, individual channels and individual shows can now create interactive versions of their franchises and engage fans directly, immersing them into the environment. Find out how to successfully extend a television brand, including measuring audience participation and extending the advertising business model. Speakers will discuss activities on multiple virtual worlds platforms.
– Blake Lewin, Vice President Product Development, Turner Broadcasting Inc.
– Daniel Schiappa, General Manager, Strategy Entertainment and Devices Division,
Microsoft Corporation
– Reuben Steiger, CEO, Millions of Us
– Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company
– Jerry Paffendorf, CEO, Wello Horld (moderator)

Of course I will be there all the time and around in sessions and at the IBM stand with many of the others who will be attending, so there is a whole crowd to come and meet. Peter Rodriguez who runs our CIO metaverse project (amongst other things) will be there, so if you would like to meet the person who officially took Roo and I on as metaverse evangelists within IBM last September, then I can introduce you.

It will be interesting to see the scale and focus now we have reached this stage an an industry. It also shows that real life is a great place to meet people. I am sure there will be many huddles and conversations about projects, ideas and the future. The backchannel at these things is obviously as important as the presentations.

So look out for me and or my striped leather jacket and come and say hi, or find and IBMer and ask for epredator 🙂 Remember though its not just me that knows about this stuff now.
See you there, or just follow some people one twitter