Multiple worlds collide with IBM presentation

Many of us have just been at a virtual world presentation by Sandra Kearney, Director of IBM’s 3d internet group and very much a founding member of eightbar and the virtual universe community.
I am going to pull some of the content together to show what this actually looked like but….
We have Sandy in Cornell speaking live, the video was fed into Nick Wilson’s island Metaversed to a Second Life crowd, but we also had people in IBM’s instance of active worlds. The video feeds were also sent out to the web by and skyped.
This was an amazing blend to show the potential. I just need to make a bit of video look good for the follow up post. It even ended in Sl with massive twitter id exchange blending further the social connections.
Sandy was explaining the depth of what is going on with virtual worlds to the live audience but also interacting with the virtual world audiences.
It takes a little time to get used to being in both worlds at once AW and SL as I was. Watching me dance around on camera in AW whilst I was sitting in SL was a little freaky to say the least.
Still, thats another problem to help consider about the nature of persona.
Here is the SL screen showing a feed of me (the godfather on the left) and Dave Kamalsky from Almaden with Sandy in the video mixed inset in RL.
me and dave
Who could not be confused but also impressed. Epredator watches epredator 🙂
There were some great questions from the SL end. One about were employees of IBM being productive in virtual worlds. My back channel comment was that I was sitting at home at work at 9pm still representing IBM, but think slicing with some other things like twitter. Sandy answered very much the same about trust and passion for virtual worlds and metaverses being such a big driver. Organizations have to allow people to want to do good things for them.
So in general I think this showed that there is a whole lot more that can be done and will be done with multiple virtual worlds. Us all being there woudl have helped Sandy’s RL audience understand what it is we all see in things like Second Life.
This feels like another watershed moment as the virtual worlds collide. Well done all.
So well done 57 miles our SL host. Thank you for the invite. It was good to be able to augment Sandy’s talk and help people along with Ultravox Freeman and Locutus Qi and later Yossarian Seattle and Algernon Spackler being present in SL.
All pictures from Snapzilla
Video to follow…..

4 thoughts on “Multiple worlds collide with IBM presentation

  1. “Watching me dance around on camera in AW whilst I was sitting in SL was a little freaky to say the least.”

    I can’t even imagine. It was a recursive immersive experience for me without being in two worlds.

    Bowa Karas

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