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Whilst we gather our thoughts and the various bloggers and twitterers catch their breath I thought I would post this completely amateur camera walk about featuring the venue of the VWFE 07. You can play spot the metarati. I was not going for anything in particular and I only had a few moments to walk around, as the rest of the time was talking with people, lots of press and customers as well as the biz.
I do like the fact I have Roo and Cory Doctorow in first, Roo also featured in the programme on the same page as Lord Putnam.

I will say that it was a good event, I certainly noticed a difference in the range and depth of questions, the understanding of where we are all going. I know Richard Bartle finished the sessions warning of us not forgetting the reason we have virtual worlds, not to remove the spirit from them, but I think that many of us agree and are not going to let that happen.
In fact in answer to those comments it si worth looking at this Global Innovation Outlook 3.0 where Irving says “In virtual worlds, it’s less about consumerism, and more about expressionism.”

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  1. Great conference! Ian and Roo were going great guns promoting IBM and virtual worlds with back to back interviews. Loads of other IBMers there too having good conversations and joining the dots. I think the networking sessions at “The Hospital” were a really valuable part of the whole experience too.

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